Neuromuscular Retraining for Facial Paralysis & Synkinesis with Jackie Diels

10 months agoMarch 16, 2019
Brazoria, Texas USA
Nora Philadelphia PA
10 months agoMarch 17, 2019
I have bells pasly in2015 I developed synkinesis.can anything can be done to improve it?
10 months agoMarch 17, 2019
I had bell's Pasly in the 2015 and after six month I developed synkinesis. Could you please recommend me  some exercises  to  improve my problem. Thank you.
10 months agoMarch 18, 2019
I have bells psldey for eight years, had therapy and biofeedback, helped but would like to know if there is any more help for me
Michaele Vargas
10 months agoMarch 18, 2019
Santa Cruz Bolivia
Theresa Guy from FL, USA
8 months agoMay 17, 2019
I have bilateral nerve damage with a TBI from a car accident in 2009. It has been 10 years and I have some movement back, but I definitely have synkinesis. Will the Neuromuscular retraining help after this long? The doctor told me after my accident what movements I get back after a year was all I was going to get back. I loved the video and wished I knew of this resource sooner. Thank you.
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